Hi, I'm Jays, founder of J-SOHO.

  • Worked with Joomla for 6 years.  
  • Master Angularjs, Bootstrap & JQuery

It is a small workshop which is in baby step, which currently devote to mobile-friendly Joomla extension. I intend to help users start up their page easily and pretty.

Once it runs stably, more interesting mobile extensions will be developed. So, give us a mild encourage so that we can provide better service. :-)

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Our Joomla Extensions



OnePage Design

Latest Version: 1.5.2 BETA3

Featured commercial product.
Aim to help user build a mobile-friendly landing page. seo-friendly also(BETA).

This page is created by OnePage Design too!


Digital Locker

Latest Version: 1.0.5

It's created for only providing download in J-SOHO at first, but I think some people may find the same function at the same time. No need to register, it can be set up to requirement email subscription. However, it only support free digital download!

JS Money

(JS) Money System

Latest Version: 1.0.0

I try to devide DLocker into 2 parts, free and commercial. JS Money is the commercial part, you can make the free product in DLocker become commercial product. However, JS Money has also some isolate function such as invoice system. It records the purchase information so that we can see the report easily.

It also run in J-SOHO.

JS Push

(JS) Push Notification

Latest Version: 1.0.0 Beta

A system to manage push notifications to mobile device. Currently support IOS device.

What's the next?

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