OnePage Design

A Modern Landing Page Design Tool Based On Joomla Platform!

1.7.x is going to the end and 1.8 is coming for bootstrap4


Fast And Manage Easily

I can't say OnePage Design (short for 'OPD' below) is a no-code tool, but absolutely less-code, it helps users create popular components easily and quickly, it avoids writing the code repeatly. In the back end, you can easily resort the elements, duplicate to other page or export to other sites.


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Use popular responsive framework - Twitter Bootstrap as the core style. Users can easily master it and find themes easily.

Besides the components built by Bootstrap, OnePage has been customized in different screen sizes(Desktop, Tablet & Mobile) itself in order to make the content display smoothly.

Installation Requiremnt:

  1. PHP 5.3+
  2. Joomla 2.5+ or Joomla 3.0+
  3. Server supports uploading file with 4Mb.

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Download StepS

1. Purchase Product First.


2. Download The Installation Package.

Here's the entrance of download page.

Update Page

3. Upload It To Joomla Website Directly

Please do not unzip the package and upload files individually, that will cause unnecessary errors.


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Difference between OnePage and Templates?

OnePage is more like content builder, what you do is to draw the idea into it. So it's good to build a landing page for a site, because it's mobile-friendly.

Only allow to use in 1 site?

No, it's under GPN license, so you can use it free. You just buy the update access. If you want to get fast support, you can purchase site tracking service in addition.

Can I use OnePage even if I don't know html knowledge?

Yes, although OnePage is not a no-code builder, you can still use them to make a page. (Ah... a simple page)

Can I create a cool page with OnePage?

Of course, but I can tell you no software can create a really cool page easily as no machine can draw a pretty cool and unique picture, designer is still dominating. Learning some html knowledge can achieve that easily. It's not hard, trust me!

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